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Best Vacuum Cleaners Tried and Tested- Richard Filthy House SOS

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

I tested three of this years top vacuum cleaners to find out which one is the best! My fabulous Poppies of Wirral Cleaning Services team took the Dyson Small Ball Energy, Meile C3 Cat and Dog Pro and Numatic Henry Hoovers out for a spin and here are our results...

What the manufacturer promises:

  • Cleans across all floor coverings

  • Sucks up the dust you can't see

  • Easy to manoeuvre under furniture and around obstacles

  • Maintains strong suction throughout

  • Lightweight and quiet

  • Protects allergy and asthma sufferers

What I liked:

  • Easy to assemble

  • Acceptable level of performance in normal domestic use

  • Does clean across different floor coverings


  • We found it to be rather heavy in use

  • Can be quite cumbersome to manoeuvre

Richard's Rating: 8/10

What the manufacturer promises:

  • Designed especially to pick up dog and cat hairs

  • Powerful 890 w. motor

  • Charcoal filter to capture odours

  • Provides exceptional 3 way filtration system including its 3D dustbag

What I liked:

  • Six power settings

  • Exceptional cleaning across all floor coverings

  • Feels sturdy and well built

  • Dust bags are self-sealing

  • Attachments fit inside the cleaner

  • The turbo brush provides extra power to pick up pet hairs


  • Dust bag difficult to install and remove

  • Turbo brush is much louder than normal brush

  • The cable is unrealistically short at 1.8 metres and limits scope of machine

Richard's Rating 8.5/10

What the manufacturer promises:

  • UK's most reliable and efficient all-round cleaner

  • Extra long cable

  • Bigger capacity than bagless cleaners

  • Self seal bag with dust-free emptying

  • Extra long cable at 2.2 metres

What I liked:

  • Exceptionally robust and reliable

  • Exceptional level of cleaning

  • Long cable can reach the extremetries of average rooms

  • Suitable for commercial as well as domestic use


  • No buts - this little cleaner never lets me down. It's the only one I use in my cleaning business and it still hasn't been knocked off top spot!

Richard's Rating: 10/10

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