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Declutter like in filthy house Sos

Updated: May 29, 2022

As you all know, I do come to you like the show and help you declutter your home.

I offer a very personal service where I spend two days working with you, going through your possessions and decluttering your home. I will also develop preventative measures and techniques to help you keep on top of things once I’m gone.

I have recently spent time with Gemma and helped her declutter, take control and start to dream of a life AGAIN!

This is what my latest client has said about my visit.

“I ended up having to have some building work done in my house in every room which meant that every single room had to be packed up into storage where it was then returned and immediately it because a huge struggle, and Try as I might and believe me I did, I couldn’t do it and after years of struggling after my health was severely deteriorating and things getting worse around the house, my young son having cancer and also severely struggling because of that and other conditions that can be hereditary I knew I needed help. I just didn’t know it existed to the extent in which I needed it. After seeing Filthy House SOS on channel 5, and particularly Richard I was absolutely determined to find out more and believe me I am truly glad I did. Richard came over and took time to get to know me, took the time to listen and figure out what was going on and why I was literally so broken. I haven’t had a life, I have to this point only ever existed. Originally I existed because I had failed in not existing, and when I became a mother I existed for him, but I have always known I wanted more. I always wanted to LIVE. To be able to find some form of enjoyment to life, and when Richard came not only did he declutter my house but he decluttered me house. He pieced together my broken life and left me with hope, with passion, with the willingness to finally live a life and to do things I enjoy. He gave my son the same. My son for the first time in months was happy about the progress with the house and wanting to help finish things. I never know it was possible for someone to come and declutter what was truly an embarrassment to me, I was ashamed, I was scared to let anyone in. But as I say he did that, and he has put me on the track to being able to finish it, and to enjoy my life. He’s given me a purpose that involves myself and not just for being a mum knowing one day that would be lights out. I was lost, I was broken and lonely, I was fragile and without hope, without a smile and with pain both mind and body. I am now determined, so much happier, driven and slowly piecing together the rest of my life, where it involves good things, good things with friends and maybe even someday a relationship which speaking to Richard showed me that both not only are not all men bad (as my experience to date sadly had showed) but that I do want company and that I do have things that both in time perhaps when I love myself more, maybe someone else can too. One thing I found very surprising, as mentioned due to the nature of my previous relationships my son is very wary about men and seldom speaks to them. Not only did he speak to Richard but was following around tapping him for his cleaning hacks!! Lol. Thank you Richard. You truly are amazing at your job, amazing person and a true gent. Thank you for giving me a home and a life.”

I love doing it, and if you want me to come and help you, please send me a message.


Richard x

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