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How to teach your kids housekeeping.

Updated: May 29, 2022

Phase 2 of the cleaning club.

I thought I'd give you the next exciting instalment of how to teach your kids housekeeping.

I have been meeting with resistance, resistance, and resistance.

But I'm sticking to my guns.

My plan is the break the teachings groups into.




The first group 4-7 years old;

Routine and consistency is the key, and it is always much better to start when they are keen and eager. They are never too young!! That said, all children are different and will respond at varying paces. Stick with it, be calm and reinforce the reason they are doing it!! Families act like teams, and teams need everyone to do their matter how little!!

For the 4-7 age group, Play a game - 'find the floor' so clear it if it is covered with toys etc., this is to start with to get them excited. Once they have mastered that, you could move them on to making their bed. At first, keep this very simple - just giving their pillow a plump and putting pj's back under their pillow. The idea here is we are just reinforcing positive ideas.

  • 8-11 year olds - if you have started early (see above) your child will now be a whizz at tidying up their toys, straightening the bed without even realising they are doing it. Move this on now to sometimes letting them use a duster to wipe the surfaces. Perhaps then consider moving to the tea time routine. Bringing your plates into the kitchen to go into the dishwasher is an easy, but really helpful job they could do. Finally, by the time ​children leave primary school, they can learn to make their bed. Sounds daunting at first, but how many of you get that letter from school saying they have an outdoor advenutre week.

  • 11+ - High School!!! - with any luck your child tidies up, makes their bed and helps with dishes at tea time. The trick now is keeping that going! Teenagers would rather game and/or sleep! You can certainly start adding now greater responsibilities. Preparing your child for adulthood starts now! Wiping the kitchen table after dinner, filling the dishwasher, hoovering and keeping on top of their own spaces are all key skills.

So, in summary - consistency, make it fun when they are younger, if you have more than one child, make sure they all know that tasks will need to be age appropriate - and sit back and enjoy the extra time for YOU!!!

Who would like to be part of the;


Let me know

Love as always

Richard x

Ps clothes

Jacket; Scotch and soda

Henley t-shirt; Bronson

Trainers & cargo trousers; Reiss

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