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Meet Rachel!

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Hi I’m Rachel, Richards wife. I'm not a cleaning expert like Richard... BUT my job definitely requires a keen eye and a desire for things to be nice and clean, as I’m a dentist 😉😜! As well as working in dentistry I also help Richard in his cleaning business and help manage his social media accounts, especially when he’s away filming for Filthy House SOS!

I’m not as cleaning mad as Richard but I like to keep a tidy home and love smart cleaning

tips that enable me to clean quicker and better! I love researching these tips with Richard, finding better ways to clean and sharing them on Filthy House SOS and our social media.

My passion is my family. I love being a wife and Mum and I’m definitely happiest when we are all together. I love to travel and explore new places as a family and try to get us out and about as much as possible! I also love to keep fit- Richard and I are both exercise mad and most mornings we are up at 5.45pm doing a HIIT session, cycle or run 😂😂😂!

I’m so proud of everything Richard has achieved and his new role on Filthy HOUSE SOS . I still remember when we first bought the cleaning business and how young and hopeful we were. He’s worked immensely hard to build the business and landing the presenter role for Filthy House SOS has been brilliant.

I hope you enjoy reading about our favourite cleaning tips and product recommendations, our fun family moments and of course Filthy House SOS news !!

Rachel xx

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