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My 6 Favourite Ways to Use Pink Stuff- Richard Filthy House SOS

Updated: May 29, 2022

If you have followed me for a while you will know how much me and Mrs P love Pink Stuff. My passion is cleaning smarter, not harder, and Stardrops' range of Pink Stuff products are just perfect for helping us achieve this no matter what the task, we use it for everything from the oven door to dusting! Here are my favourite ways to use Pink Stuff to make cleaning easy around the house...

Cleaning Your Bannisters

Method: Simply add white vinegar on to a dry micro fibre cloth and rub firmly on any stains. For tougher marks use a small amount of cream cleaner and gently rub the area until the marks disappear.

TIP: Remember to do a patch test on any painted woodwork with the cream cleaner to make sure it doesn’t damage the paint!

Kitchen Worktops

Rachel and I love our white kitchen surfaces, but we also love getting stuck in in the kitchen using brightly coloured spices and ingredients!! This is the quickest way I love to clean up those stubborn stains...

Products: Pink Stuff Multi-Purpose Cleaner and Sph2onge

Method: Simply wet your Sph2onge and spray the stained areas with Pink Stuff... any stains should wipe away!

Cleaning Pans and Oven Trays

The aftermath of a roast or big meal can be MESSY with lots of greasy pots and pans to clean. Pink Stuff makes it easy...

Products: Pink Stuff Miracle Cream Cleaner and Scrub Daddy

Method: Apply Pink Stuff Miracle Cream Cleaner directly to the dirty item and scrub away any dirt and grease with Scrub Daddy; when you are done it should rinse away!

Tile Grout

With our busy family life our bathroom gets a lot of use! We have found it is difficult to keep grout clean however this simple trick helps us get our grout back sparkling in no time!

Products: Pink Stuff Miracle Paste and Toothbrush

Method: Add a small amount of paste to an old toothbrush and apply directly to the grout adding light pressure. When happy with the result, wipe away.

Cleaning the Oven Door

Is this not everyone's least favourite cleaning job? This is yet another task I love to use Pink Stuff for as it is so quick and easy; it does the hard work for you! #smartcleaning

Method: You can use any scrubber or sponge alongside Pink Stuff Miracle Paste to magically remove any baked on grease, grime and dirt!


Believe it or not, Pink Stuff makes dusting easier too!

Products: Pink Stuff Multi-Purpose Cleaner and Microfibre Cloths

Method: Apply Pink Stuff Multi-Purpose Cleaner directly to your cloth to dampen it then dust away... the Pink Stuff not only smells amazing, it attracts dust particles to stick to the cloth instead of pushing it around or into the air only to settle again later. Perfect!

Don't forget to buy Pink Stuff and give it a try! I hope you enjoyed my top Pink Stuff hacks and they help you clean smarter not harder! Don't forget to keep an eye out on my blog and social media for more hacks and cleaning tips!

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