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My Top 15 Cleaning Kit Essentials- Richard Filthy House SOS

Updated: May 29, 2022

Between running a successful cleaning business, carrying out extreme cleans on Filthy House SOS and keeping our family home clean and tidy, I have tried a LOT of cleaning products! I have hundreds of tips and hacks in my toolbox but to keep things simple I have chosen my top 15 MUST-HAVE products to help you clean smarter, not harder. If I had to pick just a few products to keep in my kit, these would be the ones!

You can't beat a trusty Henry Hoover! Check out my blog comparing different hoovers to find out more about why I love Henry and use him in my cleaning business: Best Vacuum Cleaners Tried and Tested

The Vileda mop and bucket make clearing up messes and getting those floors sparkling a breeze.

One of my favourite little tools! The sonic scrubber power cleans all those difficult areas so easily; it does all the work for you! Perfect for getting in those -heard-to-reach places in any room of those house.

This is the perfect accessory for cleaning day or even just a quick half hour round the house! Put in all your key cleaning products, adjust the caddy so it is comfortable and you're off! I find it so much quicker having everything I need to hand, it makes my quick cleans so much quicker and more thorough as I have all the right products with me.

This two-sided pad is good for more than just cards! The microfibre noodles on one side lift dirt, dust and grime whilst protecting surfaces, whilst the reverse side has a mesh pad that removes stubborn stains.

This dustpan and brush is mine and Rachel's firm favourite! The brush has a soft, feathered texture that makes it really easy to clean up dust and dirt, and the long handle makes it super comfortable for both of us to use!

We all know I love a good Sph2onge product! The cloths and sponges are an essential part of any cleaning kit- no explanation necessary.

You only have to take a quick look at my social media to see how much I use pink stuff miracle paste! It is perfect for cleaning burnt on stains, tiles, and even the washing machine!

This fluffy duster makes cleaning around the house so easy! The microfibres collect dust and dirt particles without the need for any harsh chemicals and it is extendable meaning you can reach all those high places!

White Vinegar is one of my MOST USED cleaning products and Stardrops' spray is just perfect for easy and mess-free application.

One of my all-time favourite gadgets that makes one of my least favourite tasks (cleaning glass!) so easy.

An oldie but a goodie... Mr Sheen is your best friend for getting surfaces free from dust and shining.

I love Dettol anti-bac spray as it is so gentle (no bleach) and therefore safe to use on any surfaces, yet it still packs a punch killing 99.9% of bacteria! A staple bottle to have around the house.

Last but not least... Flash Bathroom spray! If I could only use one item in my bathroom, it would be this one.

I hope you enjoyed my top products and they help you clean smarter not harder! Don't forget to keep an eye out on my blog and social media for more hacks and cleaning tips!

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