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Richard Pearson is a professional cleaner, TV presenter and business owner, with over a decade of experience owning and operating his own cleaning business based in the North West of the UK. 

His success in the cleaning industry has led to further opportunities and success in the media, with a large following on social media and ongoing position as co-presenter on hit Channel 5 TV Show Filthy House SOS.

Richard currently splits his time between filming commitments, running his successful business, sharing cleaning tips and hacks with his followers and spending time with his two children, who regularly feature on his social media. 


Richard is currently featuring on the hit Channel 5 Star TV Show 'Filthy House SOS'

Having joined the show for Series 2, extended due to excellent ratings, he is currently in production for Series 3 and 4. 


As a professional cleaner and cleaning business owner himself, Richard is passionate about cleaning, in particular  working smarter rather than harder. Using his years of experience Richard has built up a loyal social media following by sharing his #smartcleaning tips and hacks.



For products reviews, cleaning tips and hacks check out Richard's blog, that he runs with his wife Rachel.

Here you will find everything from their favourite tips for keeping on top of the house with their busy family life, to their favourite family activies.


Smart Cleaning HQ



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